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We have a design tenet for our success and the success of our customers. And know their needs and requirements and facilitate their work easily

Our mission is to facilitate the establishment of your company

And we have a design doctrine for our success and the success of our customers. Knowing their needs and requirements and facilitating their business easily Our mission is to provide appropriate solutions that contribute to help investors to the success of their business around the clock.

Registration of trademarks

Registration of trademarks in the UAE and all over the world

Rental (Offices – Warehouses)

We provide offices and warehouses as needed for companies

Establishing companies

We establish companies in all legal forms for all nationalities

Representation of legal works

You can assign all the legal and paperwork of your company to the government agencies and our staff will do what is necessary

Establishment of an investor

Assist the investor in facilitating all procedures whether establishing the company or facilitating the procedures for obtaining an investor residence for a long period according to the conditions

Drafting of commercial contracts

Draft corporate contracts, liaison contracts, commercial franchise and distribution contracts

Investment opportunities

We can help you find investment opportunities for projects in Dubai through feasibility studies or through existing projects

Feasibility study

We do feasibility studies for projects in Dubai


We can help you to finance your project through our investors all you need to do is to make a project plan and review it in a simple way to find the right investor

Looking for a first class scientific partner?

Establishing a business in Dubai

An environment for business development and business startup in Dubai means joining one of the world’s leading investor and business communities, where Dubai has many international multinationals selected as its regional headquarters. Dubai also hosts a large number of large international companies operating internationally from its global headquarters in Dubai, as well as a large group of startups in the emirate.

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A business consulting firm focused on networking and providing creative business solutions to our partners. We are established in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of consultants, supervisors, and business partners will work with you to find insight into your business and tailor our solutions to your requirements. At ITQAN our work ethic gives us the advantage of being savvy on our feet. Our team will be close to you at all times to anticipate your needs, and provide solutions to guide and enhance your business vision.

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